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Punch production safety related inspection project

by:Ragos     2021-03-22
is to use a set of mould, this set of mold processing operations needed to correct the relationship between the movement. right relations exercise routine is the precision punching machine, punching machine precision actual mainly reflects in: a, parallelism, perpendicularity, three, the total clearance. Mold is not correct, the relationship between the movement in addition to shorten the product accuracy and die life, will also lead to the mould is not easy to assemble, cannot use the precision mould, and produce intense vibration noise, affect production safety. According to the regulations of press brake machine manufacturer, safety supervision departments and the workshop about machining, welding and other high-risk workers on-the-job personnel mount guard qualifications of view and confirm again, and the stamping, shearing, turning processing equipment such as mechanical power, a screening device of electric circuit system and security maintenance, to reduce and avoid high-speed precision punch stamping issue, the following precautions are put forward. 1, first take care of that is to strengthen the safety production of the worker education, establishing and perfecting the rule of high-risk work technical training, often undertake to the worker safety knowledge education, standard mount guard qualifications, mount guard operation necessary strict execution of high-speed precision punch operation procedures and standardized operation. 2, execute the worker's safety production responsibility at all levels, strengthen the safety produces the scene to deal with and view, expand production team activities, audits and peer review dealt with the scene of the staff to strengthen patrol, correct illegal behavior, serious illegal personnel appraised. 3, using something for picking, avoid thrusts into the mould estuary; To strengthen the security maintenance of high-speed precision punch stamping equipment operation area, in the operating area device photoelectric safety device such as maintenance, security under the slide block during the trip, people at risk model estuary, the danger zone and the hand of the operator from every other. 4, to strengthen the view of high-speed precision punch equipment, maintenance, maintenance work, found that mechanical equipment has a problem, timely maintenance. 5, to strengthen security measures from process, the requirements to use the double button operation, under the slider stroke movement linked with the limitation on the hands, forcing the operator is necessary both hands together push the manipulator, the slider to downward movement, and then to avoid to get hurt. Choose 6, in the mold to introduce and on fully considering the safety and reliability of the stamping die itself, can choose to reduce the die danger zone, set up a small slider stroke, make the safety of the people can't into mould estuary mold, avoid the operator in delivery, positioning, pick-up or operation, waste treatment, as well as a part of the body into a danger zone and touch the mould moving part was rejected by the clamp or dangerous situation. Daily, punch static test items as follows: 1, the press brake machine working mesa above and below the slider is straight degree 2, below the slider and mesa parallelism between the above 3, the slider moves up and down and mesa verticality of above 4, mold handle straight Angle of hole and the slider below 5, link the intercellular space of the sum of punching precision influence on stamping products running accuracy is directly related with the punch parts rigidity, good rigidity punch operation precision is relatively high. such as load, structure and other department of compressive tectonic deformation. So the static accuracy will deteriorate, can say dynamic accuracy is really precision. In modern stamping operations, if only high precision, long life molds, and no high precision stamping press brake machine and the high quality material collocation, is unable to realize high precision punching process. precision and rigidity of the die life influence is very big, also a pair of mold on different precision punching machine show different performance and service life. Bending stamping vendors would warn broad customer, pay attention to the above points when using high-speed punching machine, guarantee the absolute safety.
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