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Punch processing time must be very attentively

by:Ragos     2021-05-11
Before operation, good to read the instruction manual, can't literally of operation, in addition, the use of REXROTH guide rail, its unique features to make your machine run better, oh. REXROTH precision guide: a hierarchical, overall accuracy and other brand almost durability: quality, customer feedback is very good, and about the price of silver: - on the price Silver, silver - Low and lower than A - B - B - A, far less than Japan Europe guide price is high temperature resistant. Good Taiwan high-temperature 1 just as any other product. work must go through learning, to learn the structure of the punching machine, performance, familiar with the operation procedures and operation license shall be independent operation. 2. Correct use press machine safety protection box control device, shall not be any open. 3. Check the press brake machine the transmission, connections, lubrication and protection insurance device is normal, in areas such as the filling mold screw must be strong, cannot be moved. 4. Press should be 2 - short run before work 3 minutes, check the foot brake control devices such as flexibility, confirmed rear can normal use, shall not take a disease. 5. Mould when matter is firm, upper and lower die for, ensure correct position and turn to move by hand press try to rush, Empty) To ensure the work in the mould is in good condition. 6. Before driving to pay attention to lubrication, remove the punch on all of the items. 7. rotation or coining operation, the operator to stand properly, hand and head should keep a certain distance with press brake machine, and always pay attention to the punch movement, it is strictly prohibited to chat with other people. 8. Coining small workpieces, specialized tools, may not be directly with the hand feeding or pick-up. 9. Strike or usbam parts, should establish system of safety supporting material or other security measures, so as not to dig. 10. Single shot, hands and feet are not allowed to be on hand and foot brake, must be blunt once moved ( Step) Once, fight the accident. 11. When two or more joint operations, responsible for moving, Step) Brake, must pay attention to feed people action, it is forbidden to one side, one side move ( Step) Brake. 12. To stop at the end of the work in time, cut off power supply, wipes machine, tidy environment.
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