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Punch press noise problem and source analysis

by:Ragos     2021-05-14
Enterprises in the process of using a punch, can produce a variety of stamping noise, in the face of these stamping noise source for analysis: punch stamping noise mainly can be divided into the no-load and load noise. No-load noise is punch no-load running noise, including motor noise, it work agency clearance of impact noise noise, clutch and gear, etc. Load noise is the noise emitted by punch press, using different on the same press brake machine stamping process, Such as blanking, deep drawing, bending) The noise produced by processing the same material. The noise of the clutch. When the clutch, a lot of punch 'jingle' sound will occur. This is when the slide block, connecting rod in the reciprocating motion of inertial force and the quality of the crankshaft rotation of the centrifugal force of noise from the collision occurs. Factors affecting noise of the clutch are: clutch engagement by the size of the impulse, under the condition of a certain quality depends on the impact velocity of high and low; Also related to contact rigidity and damping characteristics of material itself. Clutch has a rigid and friction type two kinds, the turn key type is the most widely used in medium and small tonnage press brake machine, phase of high noise and noise is triggered by a series of impact. Working organs clearance noise. Press the crank connecting rod of the slider institutions a total of three pairs of friction pair: crankshaft journal and crank shaft tile; Crank and big end bearing neck; The connecting rod little head ( Ball head) And the slide block ball head. Due to the manufacturing and assembly errors and work needs, inevitably there is gap between them. Between them each other's mobile, transition from free to move to the contact mobile, is bound to bring strong impact, the noise bandwidth, high frequency part. The higher the gap, the greater the noise. In addition, the clearance must be, the stroke number, the higher, with an increase in noise sound. Motor noise. As a power source, the noise emitted by motor work including motor winding of the electromagnetic noise, air dynamic noise and mechanical noise. Motor noise sound pressure level and the power, rotational speed of the machine and so on. Motor electromagnetic noise, mainly by the interaction between alternating electromagnetic field excitation of rotor and stator vibration. Electromagnetic noise is commonly high frequency noise. Aerodynamic noise is mainly cooling fan noise of the motor, for quite a few motor, cooling fan noise is the main noise source. Mechanical noise mainly includes some rotation in the moving parts of unbalanced force excitation produced by noise and some of the parts produced by the vibration noise. Second, load noise reasons of causing the noise of a load operation between cutter and workpiece or stripper plate and billet impact, stamping process of torsion and shearing. The stamping process of torsion and punching and shearing the big noise. Punching and shearing noise. Stamping process working procedure is different, difference is very big noise. Sheet metal blanking noise than bending, deep drawing, stamping and pressure wave, flanging, such as bending, deep drawing forming sequence of small noise. Shot noise. Similar twist of punch shot noise and stamping parts of thickness, hardness, geometric shapes, hammer speed, die clearance factors, such as noise increases with the quantity and improve. , press brake machine and the sheet metal and the stripper plate and block collision impact greatly enhanced, with the increase of impact velocity sound also will increase, as shown in figure 1. Collision of voices sound and subsequent material cracking sound can be measured respectively, this measuring method has been put into practice. On the same punch, cutting thick, hard material than the noise of the blanking thin, soft material. For the ductility of thick sheet metal, the impact noise and snap to the same size.
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