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Punch press forming characteristics of research work

by:Ragos     2021-05-13
At present, the press brake machine press molding has many characteristics, the research of method being used its application field is very wide, essentially all stamping research work can be summarized into the following several types. In the theoretical research of press brake machine press forming, the effect of equipment and mold, precision press brake machine according to the deformation of the actual situation of polycrystal metal microstructure are divided into the micro force components to its effect on the microstructure of the metal, study the deformation behavior of the metal microstructure, finally will these microscopic deformation results summary sheet blank of macroscopic deformation. Of course, this theory research method is very scientific, impeccable. However, due to the current development of metallography and mechanical also cannot meet the needs of this, so this kind of strong normative theory research is still in the ideal and the desired state, does not exist in practice. Appeared in the stamping of research work, some simplified theoretical research work. It is the mainstream of the current theoretical research method. This theoretical research method, first, to simplify an ideal homogeneous solid metal materials, to further simplify the metal material performance parameters, boundary conditions, geometric parameters of blank conditions, using the method of mathematical analysis of the stamping process, and using the mathematical description of stamping content of various kinds of regularity.
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