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Punch press feed unit control system principle of work

by:Ragos     2021-04-22
When the system power on, first set the initial state, and read feed length from the toggle switch Settings, the calculation steps into the rotation of the stepper motor after deposited in the RAM, steps to make it as a memory. After confirm the punch down and lift, single-chip signal pulse, the power amplifier, driving a stepper motor rotation. The system with the software looping distributor, and the automatic speed processing. When stepping motor rotation number is equal to the value of count in the memory, step motor stop running, waiting for the next press brake machine again after the fall of the lift signal. Feed length adjustment, requirements, under the de-energized by flipping the toggle switch to complete. On the punch through the blanking & ndash; Deep drawing composite modulus, made during a trip. The automatic feeding device USES double roller support before and after double roller feeding way. After roller of intermittent rotary motion from punch the action of the crankshaft, by connecting rod, ratchet - Ratchet mechanism. Irfpa some press, however, restricted by the structure, it is difficult, so we adopt the single chip microcomputer control stepping motor to drive the adaptive feed device.
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