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Punch peripheral feeding equipment to develop in the direction of high precision, low energy consumption

by:Ragos     2021-05-07
Environmental protection and energy saving, low carbon life has become a global theme of development, from all walks of life are efficient environmental protection on the basis of developing circular economy, the road of sustainable development. Feeder automation of peripheral equipment industry and even the whole press brake machine industry production and the development also needs to follow this rule, in improving the quality of feeder, improve production efficiency at the same time, we should pay attention to reduce the energy consumption and environmental pollution, strive for the green production, in order to realize sustainable development. In addition, with the development of manufacturing industry in southeast Asia, domestic feeder feeder exports large scope of the industry, although the overall competitiveness cannot compete with developed countries, development power, but also has a wide prospect. In the tide of economic globalization, international division of labor is the process of industrial development, based on the cost pressure, large amounts of foreign procurement feeder products in our country, and even set up production base in China, predictably, the future a long time, our country will still bear the international press brake machine peripheral equipment and parts manufacturing tasks. On the other hand, due to the unremitting efforts of the stamping equipment manufacturing, feeder and leveling mechanism level and ability in our country has greatly improved, the gap between machine, product quality and advanced industrial countries gradually narrowed, low prices surge driven by foreign purchases, huge overseas stamping equipment market demand feeder prosperous industry plays a driving role to our country. In the face of such a development opportunity for the heat, feeder enterprises fight for market share, formed the intense market competition environment, this has forced many feeder enterprises continuously adjust the industrial structure, technical innovation, and constantly improve their own strength. As feeder of industry leading manufacturers, JinZhiDe machinery focus on research and development production of high and new feeder equipment, strengthen the quality management system, at the same time of enterprise core competitiveness, create opportunities for its development, and grasping good opportunity of feeder industry development.
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