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Punch manufacturing will gradually shift to Asia countries around the world

by:Ragos     2021-05-20
Back, global punch machine tool manufacturing industry will be gradually moving to Asian countries, our country machine profession will present 'to replace the import - export - function parts localization' of the evolutionary process, machine tool industry in China is facing a huge opportunity. ( 1) consumption value in China from the beginning of 2002, following the arrival of a new round of economic cycle and piled up over the years, our beginning gradually recovery machine profession, in 2004, accelerate the increase in the future. According to the United States Gardner company issued 2009 international machine tool production data, in 2009, China's machine tool production in 2008 ranked the third largest international priority, together, import and consumption have eight years international ranked first, export ranked sixth international. According to the machine tool association statistics, in 2009, the consumption of machine tool in China 197. $8. 6 billion, accounting for 38 of the international machine tool consumption values of the year. 64%, more than the sum of the second to the eighth national consumption value. In 2010, 2011, China's machine tool consumption of 284 respectively. $800 million, 390. 900 million dollars, was bigger. 2008 - In 2011, domestic metal processing machine tool consumption value ( 2) Machine tool consumption in China than in the international machine tool consumption accounted for the biggest in China, is the press brake machine consumption power, account for more than 35% of the total machine tool consumption. From the 2009 international consumer first machine tool machine tool consumption than watching, than 38 arrive machine tool consumption in our country. 86%. ( 3) Production of machine tool industry and consumer products in China's machine tool industry in China to carry out faster, from 2007 to 2011, the total industrial output uniform growth of 27%, sell the production of uniform growth of 25%. 2006 - In 2011 professional industrial production and consumer output (machine tool 4) Machine tool import and export situation in our country the import and export of machine tools in our country in recent years, always adhere to the deficit, imported is usually the export of machine tools, high end is usually mid-range machine tools.
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