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Punch industry to intelligent direction

by:Ragos     2021-04-23
Stamping process in the production process belongs to the traditional mechanical processing, material and energy saving, high efficiency, the technical requirements for operators is not high, through a variety of mold application can make machining these advantages, the products cannot be achieved by and its use is more and more widely, press brake machine industry to the intelligent direction in the future. Champ consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out that: the basic characteristic of the press brake machine to produce press brake machine manufacturer in China basically has two, one is rigid, it includes the longitudinal rigidity & ndash; Of the slider and the workbench arch and frame of the elastic elongation; And the lateral stiffness & ndash; Eccentric load affect horizontal displacement of slide block; Secondly for the slider movement characteristics, including perpendicularity, parallelism, straightness, for the product accuracy have great influence. The precision of the products is not only related to press, it is associated with material, mould, lubrication, cannot consider only one factor. From the elements of punch press, the precision of the direction of the thickness of the product associated with longitudinal rigidity, while deviation, bending or parallelism is related to lateral stiffness and movement characteristics curve. So improve of these features, the product can improve the accuracy and die life extension, production stability can also improve. Stamping mechanical press are: the most widely used in the processing of crankshaft type press, bottom dead center near the slowest toggle press, and the slider speed next dead point above the high position began to slow down and has a high torque capacity of connecting rod type press. Originally used as general machine C shape press brake machine is the pursuit of high precision, high function, thus developed a shape planer puncher; With AIDA connecting rod drive mechanism and next slowly near dead point and the SPM is not affected by the connecting rod type press. According to the released champ consulting - 2011 More than 2016 China turn automatic modulus control puncher market analysis and investment value study report: in order to realize no cutting forming to the functional requirement of the press brake machine is higher and higher. Stamping machine is the development trend of high precision, high rigidity, proper slider movement characteristics, intelligent, direction, and even more environmental protection.
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