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Punch in use has the characteristics of fast speed high pressure

by:Ragos     2021-05-06
This in improving production efficiency at the same time, also warning we must follow related procedure in the production, to ensure the safety of punch work. First of all, before work, the user must do a good job in checking with or without including the fastening screw loose die crack, operating mechanism, automatic stop device, clutch, brake and normal lubrication system do you have any blockage or lack of oil, etc. A detailed inspection. If there are conditions, the user can test experiments, in order to ensure the normal working of after loading the material can be. Second, the mould installation in place. When installing a mould, be sure to turn the slider to the bottom dead center, in order to make sure the correctness of the height. In addition, to ensure the mold reliable fastening, try to avoid eccentric load. Third, the installation of the shield. For exposure to the outside of the compressor driving part, must be installed protective cover, so that ensure the normal operation of the machine tool. Fourth, the staff need to be careful. In the working process of the machine tool, once found press working abnormal or have abnormal sound, should immediately stop feeding, and check the reason. After each complete artifacts press brake machine, hands or feet must leave the button or pedal, in order to prevent wrong operation. Besides, it is strictly prohibited and tools etc, will hand into the danger zone. Once found items fall into, to stop in time, and liberation, with the tools to ensure the safety of the work. Fifth, the staff will work closely with. When two people operate, should a person driving, will to personal responsibility, pay attention to coordination.
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