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Punch in the slider design should follow the principle of which

by:Ragos     2021-05-16
1. Installed in the various institutions of press slide block should be simple and compact, reasonable layout, easy to install, make the center of the slider parts through the geometric center of the slider body. 2. In order to ensure the accuracy of the press brake machine working, the slider due also and proper accuracy requirement, and the orientation of sufficient length. 3. On the premise of guarantee the strength and stiffness, reasonable section size and the stiffened plate position, try to reduce the weight of the slider, travel light. 4. As a result of the slide block structure is relatively complex, should be more serious attention in the design of its manufacturability, comprehensive consideration.
punch category of intelligent production purpose and significance of research organizations
punch list of traditional folk house capacity problem for processing machinery, complete mechanical press production line of intelligent production, with well-known enterprises to form the new development of organization. the significance of intelligent production category research organizations, research direction, organization structure and related content. With a feasibility study of stamping press intelligence research organization announced their opinion the first draft of the statement. The title of research organization, management model, team composition, budget agreement, articles of association, the sponsors did organization arrangement, such as three parties work together to form class, collection of stamping press intelligent category research organization of all information, feasibility study end statement quickly, to organize expert evaluation. After established stamping press intelligent category of new research organization, to break the bottleneck of science and technology system reform and the implementation of prefabricated building, complete intelligent production and green manufacture new break.
press brake machine press control scheme of the special frequency converter speed control system to control the
EM310A press brake machine dedicated inverter features: 1, with excellent current shock resistance, reduce the equipment malfunction in the process of flow; 2, with excellent overvoltage suppression ability, reduce the equipment operation in the process of overvoltage fault; 3, inverter does not need to use an external braking resistor and brake unit, saving the cost of equipment; 4, frequency converter and motor with the power adapter is used, without amplifier inverter capacity
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