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Punch factory introduction pneumatic punching ten steps

by:Ragos     2021-05-09
In stamping industry fast development today, the press will have more different requirements, the bending factory house can introduce pneumatic punching machine is how to operate: 1, the electric box when the 380 v power supply is connected, turn right the power switch, power light, air supply is connected, air pressure adjustment in 0. 45 - 0. Between 5 mpa. 2, 4 gears switch is turned on the motor, running switch to run on the bearing, according to dismount switch, motor starting. 3, push button switch on the button position, four gears switch to & ndash; Itinerary, and his hands together hands button switch, make a press brake machine, end at top dead center & ndash; Referred to as a trip; Four gears switch to the succession, hands push button switch with press for 3 seconds after releasing, the press brake machine after stamping & ndash; According to the gearing; Four files on the inching switch, button click together with your hands, and press the slider move only a little & ndash; Dynamic (referred to as' Note: the foot switch standby) 。 4, in succession, according to the moving and stop switch, press to TDC to suspend operation; According to the urgent stop switch, then press immediately suspend movement, the motor is also suspended, stop lights, abnormal light is on. 5, when abnormal lights to start press brake machine is abnormal, first press the reset switch, abnormal, the lights went out again 2 start operation according to the instructions. 6, use a stroke, or moving, punch pointer not refers to the top dead center, it is necessary to use inching, first make indicated the needle on the top dead center rear can use. Abnormal 7, to use the counter, press the reset switch for 3 seconds after release, the counter start homework; Need not when to press the abnormal reset after 3 seconds to loosen, the counter to suspend operations. 8, when using the manual calibration mode, the school running mode button turns to school on the mold, motor suspend operation, running lights after 15 seconds, the available wrench crankshaft to mold, die end, according to assist 2 operation again can. 9, using photoelectric armguard, photoelectric switch turn first, if there is foreign body or hand into, such as the punch immediately suspend operation, when the hand such as object out according to assist 6 start again after operation. 10, the mechanical and electronic door lock, key kept by the professionals. Other personnel shall not open the box. Pneumatic press brake machine is with compressed air as power source, high efficiency and short operation, the structure is brief, rarely repair. No noise, produced during the oil pressure system standby power cost down the production cost can be saved. According to different products or mould, adjust the height, speed, stroke, pressure and time stamping.
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