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Punch equipment to have an emergency stop button

by:Ragos     2021-06-23
Stamping equipment necessary to meet the following safety equipment: 1, stamping equipment nameplate, all kinds of operating instructions, safety and warning instructions. 2, power wiring should be standard, equipment of cable should not have damage, prevent aging. 3, stamping equipment distribution box locks should take the key, open the detection power actively. 4, single, in succession, foot stamping operations such as conversion should be chosen to take the key to determine the switch. 5, stamping equipment single stroke operation, may appear after stamping. 6, to choose after operation on the trip, should be set method. considering action steps in the process of operation. 7, stamping equipment it is necessary to have an emergency stop button, and can be self-locked. 8, a foot operation and hand preparation should have chain control. 9, for the dew outside the fuselage and the fuselage top gear, pulley, flywheel, leverage, such as transmission parts, shall be installed protective cover. 10, selects the foot pedal pedal operation equipment, electrical switch control on foot, and take the initiative to reset. 11 should be on both sides, the upper part of the foot pedal and protective cover, pedal should prevent slippery. 12, stamping equipment necessary to avoid hand to mould the safety protection measures of closed area, use the unit should be based on stamping equipment types, producing products, such as the shape of different situation, take the initiative in and out of the material, equipped with safety protection device, safety mould and the feed using special tools such as stamping operation safety measures. 13, regular three experiments of electrical system ( Maintenance earthing, insulation, compression experiment) , tested, and the test report. 14, each stamping equipment should be get the stamping equipment safety shall apply mutatis mutandis to card ', and in the useful period.
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