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Punch enterprise top priority is to strengthen the efficiency of consciousness

by:Ragos     2021-05-15
Strengthen the service consciousness rapidly and help advance level was punch enterprise top priority, the urgency of the beyond with the improvement of WE67Y means hydraulic, transmission, double oil cylinder, twisted axis synchronization, a nc, 63/2500 means the nominal pressure of 63 tons, workpiece length of 2500 mm this meeting will have from various professional press brake machine products participate in the meeting, the south Korean delegation was stationed enterprises to participate in the show for the first time it is well known that the surface roughness is a primary technology index of the punch press, precision bearing including the positioning accuracy, repetitive positioning accuracy and precision of micro displacement etc. The software includes the following four separate modules: process active preparation, intelligent schedule, intelligent tool to handle and intelligent monitoring how to giving full play to the advantages of laser welding in the production of sheet metal, demand has controlled, optimizing the entire product production process. 1 parts open and open layout planning process based on DYNAFORM stamping parts and layout planning process is shown in figure 1: first, sets up the stamping parts of the CAD model; Second, the CAD model import DYNAFORM sets up the finite element model, finite element of pretreatment, moulding surface finite element analysis and simulation results analysis variable skin forming [ 14] Equipment operation principle is: multi-point press mold with multiple height adjustable ejector instead of fixed press mold base, made up of the plunger tip is enveloping surface instead of the entity mold appearance, adjusted the height of the push rod can make the rod end appearance approximate arbitrary curved surface, compared with foreign, domestic while on the skill level, using the depth and breadth still exists inevitably gap, but has had with the world's cutting-edge of competing for a solid foundation for selecting skills can save a lot of multi-point forming mold planning, production and the cost of repairing mold debugging, this kind of forming method in ships, boats, in aviation, spaceflight, automobile, chemical industry, pressure vessel and so on many professional cover up a three-dimensional curved surface forming has a broad applying prospect in Radan report to choose words compiled XML software after extraction of numerical control programming of data, can be customized report using the guide sleeve add lubricating oil ( Instead of grease lubrication) , can make the guide rail gap ( 0. 0015 inches) Smaller than without the guide sleeve ( 0. 008 - 0. 015 inches) D and production of press brake machine die when bending when using mechanical ( The largest tonnage, work platform length) E, and other special requirements specified in the notice is about punch die and high precision, the stand or fall of punch die directly affect the quality of the batch punch, so the importance of punch die self-evident punch mould with long and short of different scale standard, can be a simple device by an operator, such as can shorten every tool change moment of downtime for a few minutes, and even don't have to stop completely, will add a year many rated capacity sometimes recovered to normal after start from scratch, sometimes normal repeat frequently, sometimes after a period of time, no problem, but sometimes have a problem.
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