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Punch enterprise survival space of competition in compression

by:Ragos     2021-05-16
CNC punching machine can be used for all kinds of sheet metal parts processing, can automatically complete a variety of complex groove and the shallow deep drawing forming, through a simple mold combination, compared with the traditional stamping, save a lot of mold fee, you can use the low cost and short cycle processing and small batch, the diversification of products, has a larger scope and machining ability, to adapt to the change of market and products in a timely manner. Save manpower, increase production efficiency. industry in China, due to the low entrance, anything in this industry for several years, have the initial capital can start his own business, such circumstance, let the punching machine, small and medium enterprises have sprung up into puncher mechanical and electrical industry, seizes the market. But not in accordance with the changing of the market, demand contributed to the brand and brand, press competition between the enterprise's survival space compressed. On the hardware, congenital dysplasia of mechanical and electrical company, in addition to the development of fund is not enough, in the lack of core competitiveness of fatal point. Enterprise is difficult to form different competition, especially can't stand the crazy storm hit. In 2011 was forced to stop, or bankruptcy of the factory, mainly because of this reason, in the difficult financing environment. in the selected which aspects should be considered: when choosing the numerical control press brake machine press is need to pay more attention to what? ( 1) Distinguish between CNC punching machine from the power source, there are mechanical CNC punch press, hydraulic CNC punch press, servo type CNC punch press. ( 2) With a number to distinguish, the turret die 6 - 8 station of small turret punch press, more than 16 station turret punch press, and more customer needs, customized workstation number. ( 3) From use points, including chassis cabinets, solar processing, auto parts, screen mesh, kitchen utensils and appliances and all kinds of sheet metal processing. ( 4) From the processing object can be divided into: plate and thick plate machining CNC punch press. industry financing difficulties, capital chain rupture. Followed by the national tightening of monetary policy, the central bank raised bank reserve against deposits rate, have the & # 8203; ​ Banks affected by the policy, plus the small and medium punch enterprise performance considerations, not high asset-liability ratio and credit concept is relatively thin open press lightly of loans. In order for the punch of the normal operation of enterprises, small punch business owners to private loans, finance. However, private lending & other; Dangerous & throughout; , high borrowing costs, enterprise survival pressure, overwhelmed, bankruptcy has become the only option. ( 1) Metal stamping parts of the work equipment design has a good pressing performance. ( 2) Before operating high-speed punching machine, stamping scheme should be as much as possible and reasonable. ( 3) Artifacts to the appropriate material selection, material utilization. Improve the material utilization, rational layout. ( 4) As far as possible to reduce mold manufacturing costs, and at the same time when use to protect the mold, prolong the service life of mould. ( 5) As far as possible to realize the mechanization and automation of high-speed punch stamping process. In the mass production, the realization of mechanization of stamping process. ( 6) Realize the artificial operation, to establish relevant system, ensure the safety of personnel operation, and the professionalism of the artificial operation of the machine. ( 7) When high-speed punching machine in the production, pay attention to the power of early treatment, avoid forced power cuts to the damage of the machine. is a kind of industry often USES a device that is widely used by people, punching machine, of course, how much money is a problem concerned by many customers. So in the price of punching machine is also affected by what? Know friends can make a own view yo.
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