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Punch die a center for bad cause quick die passivation

by:Ragos     2021-05-01
If punch die a bad for center, can cause punch die fast passivation, we processed workpiece quality becomes poor, we can access from the following points: 1, mold location deviation, if any, we need to use professional mould core rod calibration location; 2, check the level of the machine, you should even if appear uneven adjustment; 3, check the lubrication the die hole of wheel and the direction key is damaged, if there is damage to even the repair. Steel plate deep throat press can achieve large size sheet metal stamping function among them, if the distribution feeder can realize semi-automatic stamping plate material. But has its drawbacks as well as deep throat punch, because of throat depth increase, its stiffness ( The deformation) Lower than conventional press brake machine, so when using deep throat punch processing, generally can't use the pressure of press tonnage, otherwise it will create the fault such as sheet metal stamping is not down. General advice to take tonnage should be less than 60% of the nominal force. What are
punch accessories rationality in
when punch design should fully consider technology of punching parts, punching parts of good manufacturability is refers to under certain conditions the accessories designed to facilitate processing and low processing cost and, then, design of mechanical parts, the rationality about punch accessories have what requirements? JC23 - Shandong heavy industry JC23 power - 100 tons of punch 100 tons of punch ( 1) Choose the blank parts blank can be directly by using the methods of material, casting, stamping and welding. Blank selection and production batch, production technology conditions and the performance of the material and so on. ( 2) Simple and reasonable structure the structure shape of punching parts, had better use simple surface, plane, cylinder and its combination surface, reduce machining surface number and area. ( 3) Reasonable manufacturing precision and surface roughness of punching parts processing fees with the increase of precision is increased. Especially in the case of high precision, more remarkable.
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