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Punch detection method and the precision of the stamping die

by:Ragos     2021-06-24
Hydraulic press in the stamping process must ensure accuracy and testing method 1, task, mesa and slide block bottom flatness detection method is the ruler of the inspection surface according to the different direction on the hydraulic press mesa, measured with a feeler gauge ruler test surface with task parallelism, detection method is to use the dial gauge slide block bottom with the task of mesa clearance. On the 1000 mm length tolerance is usually to 0. 05mm。 2, stroke of mesa of task parallelism detection method is to use dial indicator on the slider base for longitudinal and lateral movement and task mesa, the biggest difference between the dial gauge readings for the measured values. Zero tolerance on 1000 mm length before and after. 13 mm, about the open hydraulic press only allows the slider front slants down, sweep the floor machine in about 1000 mm tolerance on the length of 0. 10mm。 3, stroke of task sets of vertical degree detection method is to dial gauge fixed on the slider, and with the slider moves up and down, to fix a Angle ruler on the task, the dial gauge reading one of the biggest difference. The length of the trip in 150 mm tolerance on 0. 3 - 0. 4mm。 About open type hydraulic press, the slider down only preference on one side of the fuselage. 4, die hole centerline handle parallelism of stroke in slider handle hole pulls out a stick of experiment, the fastening a dial indicator on the task, make the dial gauge thimble contact with inspection bar appearance, make the slider slowly up and down, read the biggest difference between the dial gauge readings. On the 300 mm trip allowance in 0. 05mm。 The accuracy of detection average for vertical and horizontal two vertical direction measurement. In the process of hydraulic press used for the precision should be current reflection, found that didn't fit the rules, should be timely adjustment and maintenance, lest affect production quality, die life and hydraulic functions.
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