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Punch deformation according to the elastic friction law changed again

by:Ragos     2021-05-08
Discussion touch deformation also discovered another phenomenon, that is press add load deformation curve and discharge load deformation curve overlapping, punch a so-called 'ChiQian' phenomenon. This kind of phenomenon is touching the inner conflict and part of the plastic deformation after touch the table and the effect of the conflict between the force. When add load, added punch resistance force. Press discharge load and resistance elastic force of the unit to their location. On many occasions, when bad beginning load, deformation of parts is not cut, until the load is reduced to more than conflict parties, press to start reply. This makes the unloading deformation curve is not along the original curve on return. If press two touch surface shape is not correct, and one of the stiffness is very poor, under the effect of residual deformation parts will attack. in the thin wall bearing bushings outer cylinder surface touch bad, in collaboration with a hole under the effects of radial force resin, punch liner deformation. on the wedge iron, screw parts such as small scale, while under the effects of press brake machine load may attack elastic deformation, to a great extent, affect the machine static stiffness. When there is a gap in the system, it does not affect the elastic deformation of joint and conflict, but add load in the beginning, the punch press in the mobile space limit scope, first and then punching deformation according to the elastic conflict rules change, etc. Press appearance can't completely lubrication, touching deformation because of the punch can only touch on some points, and these may make the point of force by fishing attacks elastic deformation and plastic deformation. Press the stillness of the touch surface, approved by screw tightening or exercise touch the surface of the 'run' can decrease the deformation and touch.

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