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Punch based function of knowledge introduction and working principle

by:Ragos     2021-05-05
function knowledge introduction to press brake machine press essence is to circular motion into linear motion. 穿孔本质是圆周运动变成直线运动。 Press the design concept of the operation principle of press brake machine is converts circular motion to linear motion. By the main motor, drive the flywheel, clutch driven gear, crankshaft, Or offset gear) , connecting rod, such as work, to achieve the linear motion of the slider, from the main motor to the rod movement in circular motion. 冲床的设计原理是将圆周运动转换为直线运动。 从主电机输出,驱动飞轮,离合器由齿轮、曲轴连杆( 或偏心齿轮) 等。 ,实现滑块的直线运动,从主电机连杆运动圆周运动。 to pressure information, make its shape deformation, and get the required shape and precision, so it is necessary to cooperate a set of mould ( Upper die and lower die) , put data in it, by the pressure on the machine, make its deformation, when processing applied to data formed by the force of the reaction force of the punch machine absorbed by the body. 新闻材料施加压力、塑性变形和形状和精度要求,必须配合一组模具( 上模和下模) 、数据therebetween在机器的压力下,变形,当应用于数据处理的反应,吸收的打卡机。
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