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Punch automatic feeding processing shelves steps

by:Ragos     2021-04-24
Today is 2019 - 05 - 05, Sunday. Although it is Sunday, but today is working day, punching small make up is simmered doze after lunch. 。 。 Small make up today to show the press brake machine automatic feeding processing shelves steps. Stores display shelf automatic press brake machine is a dedicated to display shelves square tube, double row of a new type of hydraulic equipment Kong Lizhu just switch mold standard will be able to complete the mold is according to your request to make to order, there are three parts in blunt needle and the mold die bottom die stamping forming and tail rods together complete automation system of intelligent fool operation input! Then said the mold steps! How to distinguish the stand or fall of mould! See mold assaying the professional person to see the color come out out what raw material processing to what degree respectively, the mold must be through the flash all around the standard table chun through professional equipment processing out the primary planning of transport is the main movement system, the product positioning system, and supports most piercing die, including automatic system first by motor, shaft, shaft, gear, coupling, CAM and other parts; Ship products positioning system first by vibration hopper, vibration chute, etc; In accordance with the requirements of punching and piercing die for planning; Supporting pieces first fixed and support automatic parts, such as operation so as to facilitate staff. Mould do not use there are a lot of relationship, and mould materials about the practice process, usually by heat treatment, hydraulic oil and vacuum heat treatment processing and mother were re12 Dan and mould is taking guide pillar and use while cooling! Mold not only to do good, but also good debugging, how to debug! First of all make sure put the mould on the vertical on the machine with screws and then put the heart die debugging good then tail rod fixed after using manual mode debugging good with numerical control mode to normal after the input size!
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