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Punch assignments must be installed with safety protection device in the dangerous area

by:Ragos     2021-05-15
Today is the reform on e noon, heptyl Yin, the seventh day of the summer solstice, From the next solar terms & other; Slight heat & throughout; There will be ten days), 。 The islamic calendar on October 14, 1439. Today we share is press brake machine operation safety protection device of relevant knowledge. ( 1) Safety launch equipment the effect is when the operator's body into the danger zone, press the clutch can not closed, maybe can't downward slide block, only when the operator's hand completely out of danger, press brake machine talents start homework. This device contains: double handle combination equipment is combined with double button. The principle of the device is in operation, the operator must use both hands to ask a switch, press talents start homework, turning on the power supply and ensure the safety. ( 2) Try to danger zone is separated from the operator's hand, or use the force to pull the operator's hand out of the danger zone, in order to ensure safe production. This kind of protective equipment includes: protective plate, driver safety equipment maintenance equipment, handle. Mechanical protection installed on the structure of a brief, production facilities, but for assignments that trouble. ( 3) Auto maintenance equipment the equipment is in the die set the beam of light, air, electric field around the danger zone, etc. , once the hands enter the danger zone, with light, electricity, gas control, make the press automatic stop operation. Now commonly used is photoelectric automatic maintenance equipment maintenance equipment. Its principle is in the danger zone setting light emitting device and by light, constitute one or more light beam. When the operator's hand into dangerous areas, light beam is blocked, led light signal phototube convert electrical signals, and electrical signal enlarged and control circuit atresia, press the slider immediately stop operation, and maintenance effect. Stamping mechanical operation characteristic is slide block, the reciprocating linear motion, placed between the upper and lower die plate ( Belt) Implementation of punch, to complete the processing. If a portion of the human body, Mainly the arm) Is still in the upper and lower mold between not left in time, will be destroyed. Thus complete stamping operation security must be in the risk area is equipped with safety protection device. Now commonly used safety protection equipment are: safety protective boot device, mechanical device and active protection device.
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