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Punch - 1500 per use 2000 hours shall be performed in maintenance project

by:Ragos     2021-04-29
, in our daily use of press brake machine per 1500 - 2000 hours shall be performed in maintenance projects: 1. Lubrication oil gushes oil amount and pressure detector function test and adjustment. 2. Air system of the filter, oil feeder adjustment valve function of impurities and moisture test view with the necessary adjustments. 3. Air pressure switch setting to view and pressure detector function test and adjustment. 4. Die height indicator switch value view with the check and adjustment of measured values. 5. Die height adjustment device of the sprocket and chain, transmission shaft, worm gear and worm have other parts without loose, abnormal and chain tension check and adjustment. 6. Gear box cover apart, wear and the status of the keys you loose the view of internal parts and oil tank cleaning, smooth oil in new and operating conditions, noise and vibration test to check. 7. Each part of the transmission system of injection point of the oil amount and pressure test and adjustment. 8. From the brake mechanism of piston movement, the brake point of view, and to make the piece from the brake gap abrasion value test tally with the necessary adjustments. 9. Sliding block guide rail and guide gap measurement and friction surface view, adjusted calibration when necessary. 10. Flywheel bearing increase manual grease and smooth line, the top view. 11. Smooth system balance the status and the oil cylinder oil, after 1 test check. 12. Motor circuit and electric circuit of the insulation resistance test operation view. 13. The machine precision ( Perpendicularity, parallelism, integrated space, etc. ) Test, if necessary, adjust the proofreading. 14. Punching machine and accessories of the clean appearance, check and mechanical foot ( Root) Solid screw, nut locking and horizontal view adjustment if necessary. 15. Smooth to the oil system of pumps, pipes, such as cleaning and maintenance of the distributing valve, and look at it. 16. Air system of pneumatic components, pipeline cleaning and maintenance, such as check and action test.
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