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Press use of resources optimization of mutual cooperation and development

by:Ragos     2021-05-12
Deep throat press machine as a leader in the field of high speed punch mitac, in early November, 2011, has been completed, press the overall sales goals and plans under the condition of the whole industry slowdown, complete sales growth of 15%, good grades at the end of this year. Press the source of achievement and confidence we adhere to the enterprise structure adjustment and innovation, insist on development, perfect products and services of the company. Move, adhere to the internal structure adjustment, punch and rational allocation of resources is the best quality to customers the best service every customer commitment, mitac punch in order to achieve this commitment, the company constantly improve the internal structure adjustment, optimizing production processes, development potential for the development of each department, stimulate the intrinsic motivation, implementation capacity doubled. Especially in the near future, in order to solve the order single phenomenon, recently bought a batch processing machine tools, mitac marks the production capacity increased significantly, and make sure the perforation of mitac industry leading position. By this measure, clear rules of tilting punch stroke department responsibility and division of labor, punch manufacturer to clear the company's management, the function of the press brake machine research and development department, sales department, production department, and every production manufacturing center and processing center, press the function of cost center. Moved to each department head directly to the market and the production line, make resource allocation more timely, more reasonable and more economical. Step 2, insist on constant innovation and research and development investment in August mechanical south road, mitac new factory fully operational, high-speed press brake machine, large-scale production and processing machine tool research, development, testing equipment has been completely reach the designated position, press solid guarantee for the development of the spacious workshop, punch company currently hold mitac press brake machine factory with hundreds of all kinds of basic processing machinery, large processing machine tool 50 sets. Update research and development center, make the company hardware facilities in domestic news industry is the most complete enterprise, at the same time increase the introduction of high-end technology talent, the further optimization of perforation process, ensure the press brake machine of high quality and innovation, make the company has confidence and ability to hit a record high! Third step, continuously improve products and services in the perforation is dependent on the good quality of service, mitac bending vendors would set up a service outlets, in 12 cities in China to realize fast after-sales service. At the same time actively press industry market segment, perfect after-sales service, and actively pay a return visit, active training for the customer, and are willing to spend in the after-sales service of manpower and material resources, punch price financial resources, through professional after-sales service for more order.
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