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【 Press type 】 Punch type so many reliable? Ann is not safe?

by:Ragos     2021-06-02
user in choosing a press brake machine, usually worry about punch product is normal, safe, punch models and so much, what to choose? Safety on? In order to solve the punch user confusion, small make up specially to collect punch models of information online, the user to punch models of evaluation, I hope it can help you investors! Which type of punch reliable take a look at the following: the basic information of the punch model calculated according to the standard of our country press are: 10 t, 15 t, 25 t, 40 t, 60 t, 80 t, 100 t, 120 t, 160 t, 250 t, of course, this is according to the standard. Press on the models of online word-of-mouth network & other; Press type & throughout; Information about 5540000 article, select the following user assessment information are for reference only. I want to one-time in 2 mm thickness plate down the inner hole of 12 mm wide foreign minister is 40 mm screw water stop, need to buy what type a few tons of punch? Who can open this type of mold? Questions added: I don't blanking, a molding. And it's about how much the price? Questions added: I always production down the amount of this product slightly. The most satisfied with the answer don't know is what material, common Q235, for example: blanking force, inner hole + F = LT&sigma shape; b=( 12 * 3. 14 + 40 * 4) * 2 * 450 = 177912 n is about 18 tonnes and safety recommendations 25 tons punching machine. Small parts, accuracy is not high, can buy j21-serial open-style series of open type fixed platform press, models for: j21-serial open-style - 25 ( Recommended) JB21 - 25 or open type tilting press, J23 series: J23 - 25 jb23 - 25 press brake machine type content main functions and features: press brake machine body adopts casting structure, the fuselage can tilt, good rigidity, the deformation is small. model adopted turn key type clutch rigidity, reliable performance and sensitive action. model crankshaft askew, slider with v-shaped guide guide and high precision. block model adopted collapse type insurance, to ensure that the punch production safety. , main models J23 series punching machine; JD21 series punching machine; J21S series deep neck punch; Fixed platform press JF21 series. Above is the punch model? The punch model formal reliable? Relevant information, the information is derived from the network information retrieval, and baidu this website does not guarantee that the information authenticity.
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