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Press tonnage calculation

by:Ragos     2021-05-07
Case with master familiar with press brake machine, a calculation showed better choose press brake machine, reduce the budget cost. Press tonnage calculation formula is divided into A, B two formula: A, no oblique edge press tonnage calculation formula: formula: core circumference ( mm) × Plate thickness ( mm) × The shear strength ( kn/mm2) = blunt shear ( KN) Converted to metric tons: with KN divided by 9. 81 - core circumference Any shape of each additive material thickness - length Refers to blunt the core to press brake machine through the thickness of the plank material shear strength - The physical properties of plate is decided by the material of plate, can check it on the material in the manual. Common material shear strength is as follows: material shear strength ( kn /平方毫米) Aluminum 5052 h32 0. 1724 brass 0. Mild steel 2413 0. 3447 stainless steel 0. 5171, for example: in 3. 00 mm thick on low carbon steel plate punching, square shape, length 20. 00 = 80 mm at core circumference. 00 = 3 mm material thickness. 00 mm shear strength = 0. 3447 kn / mm28。 00× 3. 00× 0. 3447 = 82. 73 kn82。 73 kn÷ 9. 81 = 8. 43 metric B, ordinary punch blanking force calculation formula of pressure calculation formula: p = k * * t * l & tau; p— Flat edge blanking force ( n) ; t— The thickness of the material ( mm) ; l— Cutting circumference ( mm) ; τ — Material shear strength ( mpa) ; k— As to safety factor k = 1. 3. Punching shear calculation formula: f = s * l * 440/10000 s— The thickness of the workpiece l—
punch workpiece length before five adjustment and see
punch before five in adjustment and check, please we try to observe, to ensure the safety in production progress to produce power. 1, homework before, should check to see if the press brake machine protective equipment completely, flywheel work smoothly. 2, check the control switches with or without exception, and then work on empty launch device, time is 2 - 3 minutes. 3, deep throat press must be after the release of the clutch, the ability to start the motor. 4, and eliminate the homework site hamper the operation of objects. 5, hydraulic presses, according to equipment smooth system diagram, according to the different parts and good smooth oil regularly.
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