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Press the reason of safety accidents related to the working characteristics

by:Ragos     2021-05-08
Fruit punch main characteristic is the process in a brief, fast, a slider reciprocating speed can end a process or a part, a working class a punch can end thousands to tens of thousands of processes or components. Now, many enterprises in the use of fruit punch processing, still follow a brief craft operation way, his hands directly take part in the mold cavity, and a lot of press brake machine press equipment production mission of carrying out a variety of products. In this case, if the punch press equipment and mold no safety protective grating, is easy to attack on hands. Recently there's a paper factory worker was chewed press the video from the Internet, a young worker's hand was a punch press. Fingers defiled, looks handsome worker cried out in pain, in the video calls from miserable, let a person across the screen to feel pain. From video image appeared, the worker has been caught in a slightly aging stamping equipment between upper and lower platen, cried out in pain. Have partner companies through things success will be the worker left out, picture show their fingers now and mold on a piece. Keep their fingers on the outskirts of meat, and then turn to orthopaedic hospital orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation function as much as possible. Sincerely hope the employees can finger function recovery, don't leave a disability, also prompt broader struggle in the front-line staff, must pay attention to safety when handling this kind of machine. 保持你的手指的肉在外面,然后转移到一个整形医院整形手术,尽可能多的治疗功能。 我衷心希望这个工人可以恢复手指功能,不留下残疾,但也表明,工人在广泛斗争的前线,当操作这种机械必须注意安全。
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