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Press the overload safety device

by:Ragos     2021-04-26
In the punching pressure processing, in the event of improper selection press tonnage tooling adjustment is not correct, the thickness of the material is super bad or wrong feed errors, such as it is easy to produce overload phenomenon. Therefore, generally on the press have overload security processing. Small and medium-sized press brake machine with shear plate overload security dai li, large punch is used more balanced hydraulic overload safety device. Due to hydraulic type overload of superior sex can spell, and at the same time with the development of the production, will be more and more high to the requirement of punch, so the small punch in the future will gradually adopt the hydraulic overload safety device. But balance type overload safety device price is expensive, and must take up the all women's clothing space, therefore, in a relatively long period of time, small punch will also continue to use direct type overload safety device. Limited force machine operation under normal load, the multiplier of turbo parts on either side of the piston pressure balance. A negative charge, transfer to the pressure on both sides of the multiplier piston, the piston rises and action, and removal of punch press clutch control electric road. it stopped running. That when pressurized part B overload, compressed oil from 5 push in the bottom of the supporting shaft 4, quantico oil pressure is greater than the air over the piston 2 pressure, so the piston within the cylinder 1 2 up, rise to the tank after 11, due to the piston two there is no pressure difference, so the piston 2 rose sharply, the firing pin 3 3 production push the limit switch 6 action, at the top of the pressure force machine will stop working, and to prevent the accidents such as mechanical damage caused by overload. Another kind of hydraulic overload safety device. Oil pump 2 from the oil in the tank of 7 to check valve 4, zi valve 5 dozen into the slider in the hydraulic chamber 8 under the connection screw ball. under normal working condition, the overflow valve on the cylinder pressure is less than the oil cylinder pressure, overflow valve closed, sphere under the pressure of the hydraulic chamber to maintain a certain. When the punch press for some reason had a negative charge. Hydraulic chamber pressure increases, I benefit under the valve cylinder pressure increase rapidly, if more than oil cylinder pressure, overflow valve open drainage hole, hydraulic chamber of the oil flowing rapidly, at the same time pressure relay 6 action, make the press brake machine down quickly, prevent the happening of the overload. Damage type shear plate and collapsing the block type overload safety device. Shear or collapsing the boards housed in the slider even pick up under the ball screw, under normal circumstances, through the clipboard or collapsing the relay board. Overload press block, breaking the clipboard or unload to punch and to cut off the clutch control circuit, press stop running.
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