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Press the exhibition is a big board industry in China

by:Ragos     2021-06-10
Machine tool market in China from the beginning of the second half of last year, only the wind is beginning to attack some changes, the most important thing is the first time beyond the low-end machine, high-end machine tools to improve rate market from the beginning the price competition to the brand competition more severe. Press the exhibition is a big board industry in China, because of a late start, cause the degree of a small amount of low-end machine tool products in our country, high-end machine a small amount of relying on the entrance. To this end, equipped with manufacturing industry during the twelfth five-year period of our country to carry out the plan, specially mentions the development of the machine tool industry, as the purpose. Always face getting better machine tools in China, the resolution of machine tool industry press decline in depth about sex is not big. Owe the good news is that with something machine tool industry close correlation with manufacturing still don't apply the weak demand, group work is still not perfect downward pressure. From the order status of machinery industry key enterprises, the recent one year accumulative total order negative increase, engineering machinery, commercial vehicles, ships, power generation set decoration equipment orders fell the most significantly, at the same time, exports have also dropped sharply. From the international point of view, the European Union, Japan's economic downturn and continuously emerging economies slowed, the global economic and financial damage continuous increase, commercial maintenance on his back, the international money fund structure back in 2013, the global economy will face again fall harm has warned. And in mainland China, our country rest force capital rose sharply, rest elk set type property transfer momentum to the surrounding country. Thus, machine tool products exports competitive edge is diminished. At the same time, than to mainland China machine tool industry market demand gradually turned to high-end machine tools, slow increase of the total market conditions, high precision, intelligent nc machine tool market share fell, nc machine tools accounted for the proportion of total consumption rose to more than 60% of the numerical control machine tool machine tool to high-speed, careful, intelligent and green bias. But absolute, continental high-end machine important still depend on the entry, the product brand market rate is still very low, can say high accuracy intelligent CNC press brake machine will be the machine tool industry development trend.
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