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Press the adaptability of working condition and lubrication oil

by:Ragos     2021-04-27
Working conditions of hydraulic press: different types of different size of punch press, and even on the same kind of press brake machine press because the job is different, very different conditions. Is different to the requirement of smooth. For example, the high speed press brake machine grinding wheel spindle bearings and the overloading of heavy machine tools, low speed of spindle bearings for smooth method and smoothing agent requirements are quite different. The former needs to use the oil mist is smooth, smooth or oil/gas system using smooth oil of low viscosity, while the latter using oil bath or pressure circulation is smooth, smooth system using high viscosity oil. Smooth smooth oil and coolant, rubber seals, paint materials adaptability: use the smooth coolant on most of the mechanical press, in smooth oil, often by smooth cooling fluid mixed with oil emulsification and metamorphism, parts of rust, etc. , make the rubber seal swelling deformation, bubbles in the parts appearance of paint coatings, fall off. Therefore consider smooth oil and coolant, rubber seals, the paint material adaptability, prevent oil, etc. Especially with the progress of CNC press brake machine press automation, use the smooth on some automation and CNC punch press/cooling oil, can make smooth oil, can also be used as smooth and cooling fluid.
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