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Press - Stamping equipment safety operation procedures

by:Ragos     2021-05-17
Press/press brake machine safety operation procedures, operation should be inspected carefully before they are 1, work before punch press switch such as foot and hand are flexible and reliable. 2, carefully check each part of the press brake machine operator, stop devices, clutch, brake, etc is normal, mechanical transmission parts, electrical parts to have reliable protection device. Prohibited in the case of unload shield driving or commissioning. 1, install, press mold, mold inspection should be carefully check the fastening situation of lower die, at the same time should pay attention to check whether the stroke adjustment is appropriate. 2, install punch mould should be fixed on the model, and then hold mode. Guide pillar die adjustment punch stroke, don't make the guide pin channel set off. After stroke, adjusting nut shall be tightened. 3, mold to be examined in good condition no crack before use. When installing the mold should pull (pulley, make the slider down, inertia installation are not allowed to start the press brake machine or punch mould, lest produce top bed accident. Use of the height of the mould must be within the punching machine height, otherwise can't use. 4, calibrating mold must stop. Die after the installation is firm, try climbing car go after a stroke with the hand, can drive specimen, and after a few pieces to a mould should be tightened, to avoid the shock due to displacement of the mould. Three, work 1, when operated by foot switch punch, hand and foot movement wants to coordinate, follow-up material or pick-up, feet should be left foot switch. 2, when the press is running, pay attention, it is strictly prohibited to hand and tools such as content into the dangerous area. Small must use special tools ( Tweezers or auxiliary tools) To operate. 3, mode of waste or artifact, should be removed so as not to pile up too high and make the top punch die. Die stuck blank, only allowed use tools to liberation. 4, such as at work found a burr on the products or stop immediately when abnormal quality inspection report. 5. Finish, each a workpiece, hands or feet must leave the button or pedal, in case of wrong operation. 6, if discover the slider free fall, or the chiming of the irregular and abnormal noise, must immediately stop the inspection report. 7, should be paid attention to when using the punch tensile, bending the clearance between the upper and lower die and billet thickness, lest cause punch card to death. 8, pneumatic press brake machine should always check the pneumatic pipeline, if there are any leak phenomenon, must immediately repair, after confirmed, to boot. Four, after downtime 1, the operator must turn off the motor when you leave the punching machine, cut off power supply. 2, before coming off work every day, in the mold to be coated with lubricating oil, clean the work area; Wipe device. Make a record equipment point check.
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