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Press operators should pay attention to what safety procedures at work

by:Ragos     2021-05-02
Part one, check 'before the punch movement is filling the lubricating oil. And then launch a punch and view the clutches and brakes are normal, and 1 - the machine empty operations 3 minutes, when there was something wrong with machine operation is prohibited. Second, replacing mould first closed power supply, press the moving parts to suspend the homework, can start device, to debug the mould. Third, the device after the adjustment, with the hand move the flywheel try twice, see right rear can launch a punch. Four, it is necessary to all other personnel from working in the press brake machine, and take away after operation on the stage of sundry, before launch power to start the punch. After five, the press brake machine press start, by one person and punch operation, others may not push in turbine or stamped on the pedal switch board, more can't put hands in working in the punching machine or by hand affects the movement part of the press. Six, punch press, forbid to dig its hand deeper into the slider assignments section, ban, leave work pieces by hand. It necessary to use within the die, leave work pieces in conformity with the specification. Seven, if discover to there is abnormal sound or punching machine malfunction, shall be immediately closed the power switch to look at it. Eight, thinking have is necessary operation to ban, mutual cooperation, to ensure safe operation. Nine, press brake machine work shall exceed 8 hours per shift have homework, operators do not operate under state of irritability, fatigue, avoid the issue.
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