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Press operators pay attention to the points

by:Ragos     2021-05-02
In addition to pay attention to the safety operation of punch operation itself, the operator itself safety consciousness is not ignored. In the process of practice, pay attention to the following points can make press operation safer: ( 1) Should ensure that punch after the completion of security protection equipment operation, and empty experiments, if there is any delay, even appearance, or other problems to remove in time, can only be normal operations. ( 2) before operation, it is necessary to check the punch of clutch/urgent brake equipment bearing whether appropriate, functions can be normal, if discover the abnormal should immediately stop check. ( 3) is necessary to set up warning signs before the maintenance start and comment. ( 4) According to the standard procedures, punch press, attention to meet in the operation, press operation, stop and put your hands and the content into risk area, such as things take down the workpiece and operated by private things. ( 5) In check, adjustment and maintenance of punch press, it is necessary to suspend punch operation after operation.
punch operators must pay attention to punch a warning on the
punch operators must be trained in punch professional technical operation training technicians, understand the principle of punch ( Traditional punch is the use of the motor motion to drive the crankshaft, by way of crank shaft to drive the slider move for stamping purpose. Pneumatic punch its principle and traditional press brake machine is roughly same, the difference is pneumatic type is based on air pressure to drive, and traditional is driven by the flywheel. And air pressure type punch more overload device, and it is equipped with more, work more. Pneumatic press the light switch in movement, namely the discretion to move, a stroke, security, a stroke, and continuous several and can be divided into his hands, one hand, foot control way, convenient in all kinds of stamping, so as to achieve to be a) , can only be practical punch.
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