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Press operators before the safety requirements

by:Ragos     2021-05-02
1, open the machine should be tested for the preparation of 2, operators can solution of the machine structure, performance and technical parameters: is absolutely not allowed to use overtime and force of distortion of work piece to be pressure must be less than the nominal pressure of the machine. Mold is not allowed to partial loading, artifacts are not allowed to partial ballast. 3, press to tidy up clean, near the machine on the blank material and waste, can not have scattered debris. Press very near around the object must be clean, has nothing to do with the job and put raw materials and semi-finished products and tidy. 4, before shooting, should check whether there is any abnormal situation on press brake machine such as institutions include the clutch, brake, brake system, such as limb pedal is normal, friction and lubrication part presence of friction, oil cup filling of lubricating oil. 5, check the punching die and cooperate with the part meets the technical requirements. Die installation and adjustment after pressure testing an artifact, check whether qualified, and then the formal work. 6, after detaching guo combiner to start the motor and then start the machine. Press the start button when the motor does not turn, should immediately press the stop button, in case of burning motor. 7, do several empty routine test to check for brake clutch, manipulator parts have a trouble-free, whether action is reliable. Motor for a rated speed and then start the machine. 8, the operator should wear hair all kinds of labor protection articles according to the rules.
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