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Press mold need to choose the appropriate die clearance

by:Ragos     2021-04-29
Refers to press brake machine press brake machine die gap, the gap of upper die and lower die by the total difference. For example: using & phi; 10 mm of upper die and & phi; 10. 3 mm lower die, the die gap is 0. 3mm。 What we call refers to the total gap, the gap is one of the important factors of punching processing. Lower die stamping depend on the type and thickness of the plate total gap, in general, stamping plate needs to choose the smaller gap, stamping plate when choose the larger gap. Lower die gap and information gap, the relationship between the thickness of lower die = material thickness & times; The thickness of the percentage. Meanwhile, mold void percentage accounted for the thickness of the material are shown in table 1. Table 1 mold void percentage accounted for the thickness of the material, for example, data for carbon steel plate, thickness of 2 mm, blanking function for puncture, from table 1 can be found in the corresponding percentage is 20%, the thickness of the lower die gap is 0. 4mm。 CNC press brake machine press machining workpiece thickness of indeterminacy of dispute, this needs our compromise, choose an appropriate lower die gap to ensure machining quality and the mould life intention. After viewing the marginal can understand the lower die of punching waste space. Elected in the right lower die gap, information up and down two shear crack collocated. In this case, the quality of salt stress, punching and mould life spans are well balanced, waste, marginal torn face and shining surface at the same, waste with very small burrs. The die gap is too small, data from top to bottom in along the crack line on the gap and I gap, materials and mould serious conflict, this moment burr was kneading hardening, difficult to remove. Waste marginal there will be a little perspective crack surface and large bright surface, as shown in figure 4. Up and down the die gap is too large, the information on outside very much gap gap along the crack line, mould cracking exert a greater force to make the data. Waste marginal at the moment there will be a small point light plane and the larger torn face, contact with the lower die parts of burr elongated. But due to the burr was not knead effect, can simply be removed.
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