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Press mold in the machine tool industry development prospects form

by:Ragos     2021-04-30
Some of the information for the press brake machine die had certain introduction in the previous article, press mold in the numerical control machine tool industry development prospects form today, as an indispensable sheet in nc machine tool industry of bending of CNC punch die, press brake machine die now is widely used in CNC machinery industry, the CNC press brake machine press also includes the bracket, the workbench and press plate. When used by a conductor to coil electricity, after electrify produces gravity to clamp, so as to realize the clamping plate between the pressure plate and the base parts of bending radius, then must focus on parts of bending radius to deal with relationship between bending machine mold repair and scrap, to reduce production mold time, shorten the production cycle, ensure the normal conduct of bending in production. Consider production parts and its material shopping main consideration is its high cost, careful consideration for punch die material grades and largest processing thickness and length by detecting best parts of burr, burr height and thickness distribution uniformity, and precision stamping size and shape of cross section quality, etc. , to grasp the blade wear condition, to determine the best grinding time when mold parts of burr will exceed the allowed burr height, should immediately stop production, suitable for grinding machine tool industry of punch die for industry enterprise informatization construction standards, in-depth implementation of the two fusion work is of great significance
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