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Press manufacturers operating punch must comply with the safety rules

by:Ragos     2021-05-10
Because the punch mould has the characteristics of high speed, high pressure, so choose punch for blanking, forming surely necessary to abide by the safety rules. Exposed to the outside of the press punch mould with driving part, it is necessary equipment for shield, stop in the case of unload shield driving or commissioning. Before driving should check the main fastening screw loosening, punch die with no crack, operating mechanism, automatic stop device, clutch, brake is normal, smooth system with and without blocking or lack of oil. Open the run-in test when necessary. Punching die equipped with necessary equipment will be held the slider to bottom dead center, height is necessary to correct, try to avoid eccentricity load; Mold is necessary to tighten, and through the test to see. Attention in our work to meet, it is forbidden to hand and what objects into the danger zone. Small must use special thing, Tweezers or conveying mechanism) To operate. Mould stuck billet, only apply to things to get rid of. Found abnormal movement, press work abnormal or ( Such as combo crackling sound, Should stop feeding, check the reason. Such as moving parts are loose, loose control equipment malfunction, mould and incomplete, should stop to repair. After each rush & ndash; Is an artifact, hands or feet is necessary from a button or pedal, to avoid the punch mould with wrong operation. When two or more people operate, should a person driving, pay attention to coordination. Before coming off work should be punch mould with mould on, disconnect the power supply, and make the necessary cleaning.
press manufacturers more and more high to the requirement of mould machining accuracy
molding parts is more and more parts of the high productivity requirements more than a mold cavity, very throughout several tons to dozens of tons of press brake machine die, a mould hundreds of cavity, or even thousands of cavity. Thus punch operation table can accept large weight, which requires the equipment must have a big load and the characteristics of high rigidity, must also have a large enough scale and working mesa corresponding. In addition, the mold cavity is cluttered space six more surface and groove, and many die with deep hole cavity, which requires the press brake machine with multi-axis linkage and outstanding deep hole cavity cutting ability, to reach the 3 d surface of high precision, high speed and high stability. With press brake machine factory manufacturing development, the progress of product parts miniaturization and precision requirements, more and more is also high to the requirement of precision mold processing. Some mould machining precision requirement in 1 & mu; M, which requires to carry out the superfinishing. Used in cars, airplanes, fine mechanical micron grade fine processing.
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