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Press is the core in the process of punching machine operation

by:Ragos     2021-05-03
industry is the core in the process of punching operation, in the process of punching operation, play an important role in control. Press workers must prepare before operation, let's talk about punch operation of the specific need to pay attention to what kind of personal problem. Button 1, tooling to be dressed, buttons, especially your sleeves and must buckle. 2, long hair, women should wear a hat, can't let a hair scattered down, accident prevention by rotation of the machine. 3, it is forbidden to drink and to start the press brake machine production. 4, not two or more than two people at the same time operating punch. 5, never put hands or any part of the body and then touch the box. 6 the waste in the box, clear, want to use tools to clean up after closure of punch press, it is forbidden to clean when machine is running, remember, never use hand in the mould. Seven, raw materials to the mould frame, with a brass hooks to feed, can not use harmful mould items such as iron scissors to feed. 8, press brake machine or die to shut down the machine immediately when abnormal and report to the competent, please professional maintenance personnel to repair, maintenance will not be accepted.
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