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Press installation skills?

by:Ragos     2021-05-01
1 freight, punching equipment by the manufacturer to the user's hand, the user when unpacking the case, should according to the packing list to check the attachment and quick-wear part is complete, the press should be at the same time in dry place for three to four days, remove the moisture in motor and electric actuator, when necessary, the application of meter, check whether the electric insulation is good and reliable. 2, according to the foundation diagram ( Note: can let manufacturers to provide in advance) Good foundation, after being based on solidification, placed above the press steadily, level to press the levelness of workbench face, each 1 ooo mm length deviation shall not be greater than zero. 3 mm. 3, press calibration level, installed anchor bolt, pouring concrete, Three points a cement sand) In the square hole, after being concrete is set to start. 4, after the installation, the rust on the surface of the press with kerosene oil clean, be careful not to damage the paint surface when cleaning, cleaning the oil hole, oil and oil cup at the same time, metal items are not allowed to be used when cleaning or abrasive cloth. The last check the ground wire is connected.
press brake machine operation has a very sound reasons why
one, because of the bare from the press of the driving part, it is necessary to shield, stop in the unloaded shield driving or test environment. Second, the first fastening screws should be reviewed before driving any loose, die crack, operation organization, active 'junjun installation, clutch and brake is normal, smooth system with and without clogging or lack of oil. When demand can open empty experiment. Three, device mold necessary will open to the point of death under the slider, height is necessary to accurately, but even avoid partial luckily load; Beginning and end of the mould is necessary to tighten consolidate and review test. Leave a heart to have four, work, it is forbidden to hand and target objects into the risk zone. Small must use special target ( Tweezers or feeding group) To operate. Die stuck blank, only apply mutatis mutandis to target to get rid of. Five, creating deep throat press work or have a very movement, ( Such as combo crackling sound, Originally should be a stern feeding, review the reasons. Such as loose move to change parts, fuck the tengzhou press brake machine longitudinal installed loose spirit, mould and defect, parking should be repaired.
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