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Press continue stamping knowledge of safe operation

by:Ragos     2021-05-03
About the punch stamping process, produce the funnel in our high speed press brake machine mould for testing photoelectric safety device is simple to solve this problem are available. High speed press brake machine die assembly testing photoelectric safety device, through the SD - 101 rounds of testing of optical host, once you blast funnel area immediately stop, press the price along with automatic speech operators need to reopen to reset them to start producing, high-speed punch press a basic leakage phenomenon. High-speed press brake machine production, continuous multi-stage injection molding products in high speed press, punch press safety often when you need to add punch accessories needed parts, add the corresponding parts stamping again, due to mechanical processing, make easily, the phenomenon of the lost cultural relics; This phenomenon is by many press cars, five deep throat punch gold, the challenge of electronic industry, because of funnel products has also been reassembled, if we wait, until the son of the need to use part of the whole equipment is missing part of the punch factory found after assembly, it is possible the whole equipment may face retirement, the henan press will make the stamping manufacturer caused great waste.
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