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Precision punching machine and the characteristic of double crank

by:Ragos     2021-06-02
Closed double crank high fine punching machine is widely applied in the field of stamping manufacture, the double crank structure are usually placed in the upper portion of the press may be at the bottom, it needs more support structure, and lower punch also needs a lot of support structure, which can cause press brake machine quality is very big, the capital is very high, poor stability. And traditional closed double crank high precision punch in the worm gear is directly with the slider, after such a long time running, sliding block operation errors will become large, relative orientation also shoulds not be adjust, make its efficiency decline. In order to deal with this problem fundamentally, punch structure of fine double crank press for the greatly improve, improve fine after closed double crank press frame and set in the frame on the side of the table, the top frame set with balance, balance the audience has set in the frame in the centre of the crankshaft fixed; Input end and crank shaft is set in the press brake machine press frame the outside of the driving device to connect, the output end of the crankshaft in order after the crank connecting rod, ball head, linking to the worm gear worm gear output and adjusting plate cohesion; Adjust the output terminal of the slider and cohesion, to press the slider move up and down. Fine closed double crank press driven device contains the main motor, the output of the main motor in order join the clutch, transmission shaft and large gear, the output end of the big gear and the crankshaft. Fine press brake machine ball head at the end of the connecting rod set has fixed ball head rod ball head, also at the bottom of the ball head block set installation of worm gear worm gear box. In addition, on the big gear set is used to control the displacement of big gear viewpoint of encoder. Set in the double crank shaft structure of the double crank fine punching machine in the middle of the frame, making press brake machine all the small size, high stability, lower capital; And the output end of the worm wheel is adjusted with the slider, so convenient to adjust the relative position of the slider, reduce the displacement error, improve work efficiency.
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