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Precision punch press automation production process

by:Ragos     2021-01-21
In precision stamping punch press automation production, the working process of the automatic stamping production line is roughly as follows: 1. Use manual or automatic feeder will be the whole board to the production line of the feeding of sheet metal hoisting frame; 2, carrying manipulator automatically draw a large sheet metal transfer to cutting workbench; 3, XY axis automatic feeding manipulator, according to the programmed forming automatic cutting, cutting movement is the line by line by column; 4, each a piece of material, automatic stamping manipulator absorb material to punch stamping; 5, stamping manipulator will be according to the stamping process ( The number of punch) Configuration, manipulator sending products step by step from the first press brake machine back; 6, precision punching machine automatic stamping; 7, stamping manipulator to send product to product. In the process of automatic stamping production, full automatic stamping production line, adopt pneumatic high precision stamping punch or high-speed press brake machine press equipment, unavoidable circumstances can achieve instantaneous stop, press brake machine speed, high precision, high safety performance, with closed around feeding equipment and multiple sets of manipulator handling materials and products, stamping easily realized automation.
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