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Precision punch body material is the guarantee, the first thing to do

by:Ragos     2021-05-01
Fuselage materials are elements to ensure the accuracy of the first, second, excellent processing technology is the key reason for making raw material qualitative change can happen. The crankshaft gear shaft. Mechanical press generally choose to drive gear and the shaft, so the machining precision of gear and shaft concentricity, shaft hole machining accuracy, the accuracy of bearing bush and wear-resisting degree is also effect the precision of press important factor. Crankshaft for punching force into groups, and the stress of the primary organizations. After the crankshaft is carbon steel by forging, turning, use fine crankshaft grinding machine for grinding, and then do hard chrome plating, nitriding processing. Makes the crankshaft strength, rigidity, abrasion resistance to ensure. Sliding block and guide precision. Slider is the direct work of press parts, cast steel is generally selected all casting, may choose the casting steel milling processing and manufacturing. Slide block and the precision of guide is a general, open punch is commonly two guide rail, guide rail choose V and rectangular, v-shaped guide rail, also known as guide rail, guide rail has four piece of contact surface. Rectangular guide also calls the six sides guide, guide six pieces of contact surfaces. All the guide rail plane using the guide rail grinding machine for fine grinding, leverage instrument for measurement in the process of installation, and do research process to ensure the accuracy for the cooperation. Closed punch for four guide commonly, general right Angle type guide rail. Affect the primary reason for sliding block and guide precision machining precision and installation technology. The slider balancing device. Press slider falling when carry on the processing, after the completion of the work will be mold reaction, reaction and guide precision errors will make the slider to orbit delicate change. Equipped with sliding block after balancing device, can make the slider and guide running parallel to adhere to. The slider base and precision work station. Sliding block bottom mold die, die under operation device and other material under the material requirement. Two work station raw materials are made of cast steel materials may cast steel plate. Casting after the completion of the first to use milling machine milling, and then use surface grinding machine for grinding, to ensure its accuracy. Device needs use instrument to measure, found the mistake blow grind to adjust in a timely manner. Punching device environment and suspension footing. Large tonnage punch, precision press brake machine, high-speed punch press demand casting shockproof pit when device to device, according to its different punching device for pouring hole pin bearing. Small punch generally selected shockproof footing on device. The punching device process. The stand or fall of craft is device resolution directly the precision of press. A press brake machine is fifty percent of the reason why device process. Assembly requirements will be all fine parts combined into one, each part can ensure 100% must be fine, if the promise of slide block error is 2, promised to errors of crankshaft is 3, so they are combined into a mistake instead of 2 + 3 * 3 2 then the final error is 6, when device if happen 2 errors so all the mistakes will arrive at 12, so the device occurs when slim errors will be multiplied to expand all the mistakes, doubled and re-doubled will also drop the accuracy of punching machine. The correct maintenance of the punch. 1. in the process of using, should be strictly in accordance with the product manual of smooth, punctual see smooth enough oil storage, check to see if smooth lines up. 2. in the process of using time needs pay attention to whether there is a sound machine's operation, sliding block guide rail, bearing place whether there is wear and tear. 3. Should immediately stop overhaul maintenance found precision smaller. Punching accuracy to a all the accuracy, is a all fine part coordinate to ensure it together, any only to ensure the precision of a parts several parts are not desirable.
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