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Pneumatic punching machine different from ordinary punch four distinctive features

by:Ragos     2021-02-03
Pneumatic punching machine and electric press brake machine press difference lies in the braking method for pneumatic clutch, pneumatic press brake machine first stamping the power, from the motor drives the flywheel, the flywheel drives the crankshaft, and the momentum. 1, security, pneumatic punch more traditional punch on security features higher; 2, precision, pneumatic punching machine is higher than traditional electric punch precision; Lower die more traditional press brake machine more convenient. 3, speed, pneumatic press brake machine more quickly; Pneumatic punching machine cylinder, need gas, traditional don't; 4, price, pneumatic punching machine price is higher than traditional electric press brake machine. Electric punch, is to choose the traditional braking method, common for mechanical brakes, primary stamping the power, from the motor drives the flywheel, the flywheel drives the crankshaft, and the momentum. Electric press is also called, is a traditional stamping process is a kind of machining method. This kind of machine to save product information and the power, low power relative to the pneumatic punching machine. For the operator skill is not high also, so the security hidden danger of also has certain risk. Now, in all kinds of metal and nonmetal pipe, plate punching area, mostly choose electric punch to end, the electric punch press not only noise pollution of the environment, itself resolution messy structure parts of its high cost, difficult to repair, repair capital is high, the body heavy, and power consumption. Operating disorderly when working, high fault rate and safe hidden trouble. Pneumatic press brake machine is more health, clean! With advanced photoelectric maintenance skills, able to complete the large increase in security features computer count and procedures to cooperate, can complete unmanned machining process, greatly improving the operation of power.
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