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Pneumatic punching machine also need to match the mold for stamping processing production

by:Ragos     2021-02-03
Pneumatic punching die height adjustment there are two ways, one is manual die height adjustment method, is a kind of electric die height adjustment method, in which 60 t and t the following 60 precision press brake machine is chosen by the ball head screw, small gear, big gear digital transmission gear, digital display, a transmission axis, a ball head gland, external digital display device, overload within the cylinder and the base of manual die height adjustment method; More than 80 t and 80 t punch chosen is standard equipped with digital die high indicator electric adjustable die equipment electric die height adjustment. Same as the traditional mechanical flywheel big punch, precision pneumatic punching machine also demand allocation mold for stamping processing production. And different moulds on the basis of different processed products, with different size and height, so practice mode when loading based on the practice of mould clamping height height to adjust the height of punch, and the adjustment of regular called press brake machine die height adjustment. Pneumatic press brake machine electric die height adjustment method is: adjust punch slider pick button placed & other; ON” Bearing, if die height ( The height) Need to drop, the press & other; The slider down & throughout; Button, watch & other; Die height indicator & throughout; , when adjusted to the height of the suit, loosen the button. If the loading die height ( The height) Need to rise, the bet & other; Thumb up & throughout; Button, watch & other; Die height indicator & throughout; , when adjusted to the height of the suit, loosen the button.
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