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Pneumatic press machine of cylinder fault solution

by:Ragos     2021-02-03
Cylinder occurs when the pneumatic punching machine malfunction can be combined in pneumatic punch cylinder surface plating or coating. As the pneumatic press brake machine combined with the large leakage, cylinder clearance at 0. Around 50 mm, in order to reduce the workload crapping, plating process are available. Has to do with pneumatic punch cylinder for the anode, cathode, in the combination of the cylinder surface besmear repeatedly electrolytic solution, the thickness of the coating according to the size of the cylinder joint clearance, coating types according to the materials and scrape the repair process of the cylinder. Spraying is with special high temperature flame spray gun metal powder injection after heated to melt or achieve plastic state in the processed surface of the cylinder, forming a layer has the required properties of the coating method. Its characteristic is simple equipment, easy to operate coating is firm, cylinder temperature is 70 ℃ only after spraying & ndash; 80 ℃ doesn't make the cylinder deformation and heat resistance can be obtained, wear resistance, corrosion resistance of the coating. Note is in front of the tu watanabe and spraying should be carried out on the cylinder surface polishing, degreasing, hair, after tu watanabe and spraying to crapping on coating, ensure pneumatic press brake machine combination closely below.
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