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Plate cutting by hydraulic shearing machine cut fixed exactly what reason be?

by:Ragos     2021-06-06
Read today's small make up, this time I believe you should be able to understand, CNC hydraulic press brake machine cut, appear this kind of reason how to solve? If you look at this article still cannot solve, that is about to find professionals to solve the shearing machine manufacturer. As is known to all, plate shears to exist in the market enterprise important bearing plate cutting, about the use of the shearing machine working more widespread attention, about the common problems in the process of shearing machine use, small make up has carried on the brief summary for you, I hope it can help you. 1, hydraulic, and CNC shearing machine, the two are the same kind of equipment? A: hydraulic and CNC shearing machine, the two are the same kind of equipment, purchase mechanical press brake machine, because they are all due to press brake machine. However, from a professional point of view, a is refers to the principle of work, the other is refers to the control theory. 2, CNC shearing machine cut, what is the reason? A: shear motionless, CNC shearing machine mechanical shearing machine, may be board is too thick, or the gap is too small, there may be insufficient pressure. 3, CNC shearing machine blade gap should be how to adjust? A: CNC shearing machine blade gap adjustment, mainly according to the cutting thickness. Above is my today's customers to buy a CNC hydraulic shearing machine back to use after a period of time found that hydraulic shearing machine can't cut is what reason, how do we go to operation, and processing. Believe that will have you brought the help, the more you are interested, please continue to focus on the content of the us.
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