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Planing machine inspection and control and grooving machine maintenance

by:Ragos     2021-04-20
【 CNC bending machine 】 Planing machine inspection and control and the regular maintenance and the maintenance of grooving machine CNC slotting machine, also called planing machine, is at present relatively common a slotting machine, up and down next to explain to a plane of the slot machine inspection and control: the check of the numerical control slotting machine can be divided into daily life maintenance maintenance on full-time staff and two layer, responsible for daily maintenance of CNC lathe parts generally do maintenance, proper handling and inspection CNC lathe often occurs in the operation process of common failures, by numerical control lathe actual operation staff to do, the focus of the full-time personnel responsible for maintenance of CNC lathe parts and critical parts according to the cycle time to do maintenance and machine equipment condition data monitoring and fault detection, making maintenance plan, do clinical diagnosis record query, analyze the after-sales maintenance, according to the results of clearly put forward continuously improve equipment maintenance management, professional after-sales maintenance personnel. CNC planer machine maintenance as the work system, earnestly implement and perseverance, can ensure that numerical control lathe all normal operations, is conducive to actual operation, the CNC planer machine maintenance content can also be listed simply work table. CNC planer machine maintenance, condition monitoring data is carried out and the cluster development of fault detection work, mainly include the following specific content, to establish each CNC planer slot machine have how much is a regular maintenance points, scientific research to analyze the machine equipment, brigadier general choice will produce common failures of components, if the regular maintenance point inspection is good, have common failures will handle in time. Calibration, the boat a regular maintenance point to formulate standard, such as clearance, temperature, pressure, flow, firmness, and so on, also should have the total number of established standard, if not more than clear stipulation standard is not a common fault. How long it will take on a regular basis, check the time, to appoint inspection cycle time, there will be a ship class to check the time, and there will be one or a few months inspection time, should be established according to the specific situation. Set items, each regular maintenance point check which projects also want to have specific provision, each dot will examine the, will also examine a few. The regular maintenance and the maintenance of grooving machine 1. The use environment of nc machine tools for nc machine tool is best put it in a constant temperature environment and away from the larger vibration machinery and equipment with electromagnetic interference. 2. The power supply requirements. 3. Nc machine tool should be operational procedures, do regular maintenance regularly, maintenance, failure records query protection field, such as 4. Nc machine tools is unfavorable and long-term storage, will lead to long-term storage system failure, loss of data. 5. Pay attention to training and equipped with actual operation staff, after-sales maintenance staff and programmers articles of association of the regular maintenance of nc machine tool numerical control system of regular maintenance. 6. Strictly abide by the operation procedure and daily life regular maintenance system. 7. Prevent the dust into the numerical control device, floating dust and metal powder is easy to cause the insulation resistance between the components down, thus fail even damage the components. 8. Regularly clean numerical control cabinet cooling ventilation system. 9. Often monitoring numerical control system of power grid voltage, grid voltage range in the rating of 85% ~ 110%. 9. Regular change of storage battery. 10. The regular maintenance of CNC system for a long time need not when, often to the CNC system electricity or make temperature machine procedure of nc machine tool operation.
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