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Part of the CNC cylindrical grinder

by:Ragos     2021-02-23
What is a grinder, CNC cylindrical grinder is in accordance with the requirements of processing program in advance, numerical information instructions issued by the control system for processing, it is mainly used for grinding on the surface of the cylindrical and conical surface grinding machine. According to different types of CNC cylindrical grinder, suitable for cars, motorcycles, compressor, bearing, military industry, aviation, aerospace and other industries related parts of the batch processing. CNC cylindrical grinder is a bed, table, grinding wheel rack, head and tail frame parts. 1, bench lathe bed and lathe bed with great circle hole, shark's fin shape steel plate, and the use for a long time, the dynamic stiffness and static stiffness of machine tool are good. The workbench, can face grinding cone surface points. Lathe bed, with the workbench guide the use of pasting model of guide rail friction coefficient is small. Table servo motor directly drives the ball screw direction, stable and reliable. 2 linear velocity of grinding wheel, grinding wheel frame of 35 m/s or 50 m/m/s or 80 s, high grinding efficiency, grinding head for three pieces of tile dynamic pressure bearing or static pressure bearing, slewing precision is high. Grinding wheel rack movement, X to) Directly by the servo motor and ball screw drive, the minimum resolution of 0. 0001mm。 3 the rotation of the dial, head first, frequency control of motor speed by a motor drive pulley, dial, dial speed of 40 - 500 r/min segmented CVT, so as to adapt to different diameter, different materials, different requirements of grinding workpiece. 4, numerical control box and electrical cabinet have independent CNC operation box, with LCD display, machine tool operation button, compensation level 1 um band switch, manual pulse generator, etc. 5, and radial end instrument instrument, CNC cylindrical grinder with radial instrument measurements automatic input of CNC system, CNC system transmission, turns X to the servo motor, drive the ball screw to a given position, make the size of the grinding workpiece steady position required, batch grinding workpiece size dispersity is less than 0. 003mm。 6. The structure and layout of electromechanical integration performance structures, the work area protection or overall protection, maintenance convenient and conform to the requirements of the man-machine engineering. Grinding wheel spindle system of high rotary precision, strong rigidity. Grinding wheel linear velocity can reach 60 m/s; CBN grinding wheel linear velocity can reach 80 m/s. Two axes linkage of feed, workbench, grinding wheel rack for ac servo - Ball screw drive. Diamond dressing device can choose a variety of forms, relative to the implementation of precision CNC bending machine, and automatic compensation.
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