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Numerical control system design of the embedded CNC turret punch press overview

by:Ragos     2021-03-24
Blanking forming technology application scope is quite widespread, involving almost all aspects of today's manufacturing. Such as mouth day along with our country automobile industry, with strong development in the emerging electronic industry, makes the concept of flexible manufacturing cell CNC turret punch press has been developed rapidly, has become the current blanking forming one of the most advanced manufacturing technology. But the current domestic existing core part - CNC turret press brake machine press - Numerical control system most dependent on imports and domestic existing automatic programming software of excluding spline curve and character image processing functions, thus to carry out the corresponding research work is of great significance. Turret punch press development at home and abroad at present, the paper developed the open CNC system based on PC + motion control card, and design the suitable for automatic programming software of numerical control punch. Through the analysis of the numerical control system according to the traditional industrial controller, in view of the shortcomings and lack of traditional CNC system, this paper proposes a according to CORTEXA8 microprocessors and embedded operating system ( 赢得CE7) The embedded numerical control system. Embedded real-time operating system and the combination of high performance microprocessor makes the CNC system of real-time multitasking ability to rise greatly, make up for the lack of the traditional nc system real-time performance. For nc machine tools to the requirement of communication efficiency, production network and the development of industrial wireless communication, the Zig Bee wireless communication is applied to CNC system communication, realize the wireless communication system. System debugging marked, numerical control system module works well, and can realize wireless communication between the PC and the controller.
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