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Numerical control punch blow-ups flat way? What are those?

by:Ragos     2021-03-05
Yesterday, the jiangsu province suzhou city taicang municipal public security bureau official weibo posted a & other; Taicang 110 acceptance form & throughout; And a caption: & other; I'm sorry, 110 won't save your girlfriend. ” This matter, cause netizen attention. What are the CNC press brake machine press machining way? 1) Single shot: completion of single punching, contains the line spread, arc spreading, circumferential spread, grid hole punching. 2) Same direction of successive cutting: using rectangular die overlap processing method, can carry on the processing of long hole, trimming, etc. 3) Of the successive cutting direction: apply small mold machining method of large hole. 4) Eat: using small circular die with small interval were to strike arc processing method. 5) Single forming: according to the mold shape a shallow deep drawing forming processing method. 6) Than after forming, molding mold size of molding processing methods, such as large size shutters, rolled steel, rolled processing methods, such as the steps. 7) Array shape: on the big board processing more than the same or different workpiece machining method. Public security response to this, taicang: I'm sorry, 110 won't save your girlfriend!
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