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Numerical control of the 70th anniversary of National Day wishes and the holiday notice

by:Ragos     2021-06-14
This year is the 70 - year - old birthday of the motherland, let my motherland prosperity, national quality improved, more and more strong, become the world's first. According to the National Day holiday by The General Office of the State Council notice spirit, combined with the company actual situation, through the research, 2019, 11 National Day holiday arrangements are as follows: in 2019 the National Day holiday, October 1 solstice 7 holidays, a total of 7 days. 1, National Day holiday, we can arrange to go out tourism, to visit friends and relatives, to relax during the holiday, devoting themselves to their work at the end of a long vacation. 2, the factory should arrange staff on duty during the holiday vacation. 3, the company security guards during the holiday season must do the security work of the company. 4, various departments must be to do a good job of safety check list before the holiday, the holiday leave to shut off the power and lock the doors and Windows, to ensure safety. 5, each department must be in advance the attendant list submitted to the administrative office of the department, at the same time also need to attach the contact way of the personnel on duty. 6, various departments to properly arranged on duty during holidays and safety, security, etc, in case of major events occurred, according to provisions timely report and proper disposal. 7, before the holiday, please colleagues to the hidden perils in safety work earnestly, dormitory pay attention to fire prevention, guard against theft, etc. Eight, in addition to the transport, all vehicles shall be parked in the garage. Please pay attention to during the holidays holiday safety, finally I wish you all peace peace through the National Day holiday. Machine tool company on September 29, 2019
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